Voiceover Headshots

Professional Voiceover Headshots

Recently I’d decided to replace my old Voiceover profile picture (which was a selfie of me in the voiceover booth from a couple of years ago) and go for something that looked a lot more professional, so I booked in some Voiceover Headshots.

On my travels around the voice over sites, I’d seen a lot of very different and diverse photos of voiceovers. The ones that always caught my eye were the ‘Actor’ headshots that you’ll normally see on sites like IMDB, where the picture of them is a shot of the head and sometimes also the shoulders of a famous actor.

I really needed to have a picture of myself to match the professionalism and experience of my voiceover work.

A few weeks ago I went to a voiceover networking event in London and there was a professional photographer there who was documenting the evening. A few days after the event, his pictures were posted on a voiceover Facebook group for the attendees of the party to have a look. I was very impressed with the photographer’s pictures and in my current position of wanting to have some headshots taken, I decided to head to his website and have a look at some more of his work.

On arriving at his site, I found he’d taken a wealth of photographs for various different events and had also taken portraits for Sir Richard Branson. With that I thought to myself, “If he’s good enough for Sir Richard, he’s good enough for me”!

I contacted the photographer (Owen Billcliffe) via email and explained that I was after some professional headshots for my voiceover website and my social media pages. He said he’d be happy to take these shots for me and we arranged a time and place to meet.

Owen came to my home and we found some areas close by that were suitable for the pictures. He was really great to work with and he worked well with the camera and the lighting conditions on the day. He got me to sit and stand in a varied amount of different poses and this gave a great variety to the photos. He really did get the best out of me considering that I don’t class myself as photogenic at all!

After about an hour, and quite a few photos later, we had a quick review of the shots on his camera and I decided that I was happy with the shots he’d taken.

Owen then left and went back to his studio to prepare the photos. A couple of days later they were ready and he gave me a link to my own personal gallery on his website where I was able to pick my final favourites from about thirty pictures. I chose around 6-7 final shots and I was able to have them touched up slightly in Photoshop and was also given the black & white versions of each.

Owen really did do a fantastic job. I found him a truly professional photographer and am now waiting for the next event so I can hire him again! If you want to have a look at more of his work, head to: owenbillcliffe.co.uk

Here’s the picture that I chose for my final voice actor headshot:

Oliver Dukcevic, voiceover artist