VOX Voiceover Awards

Voiceover Awards

I am fortunate to have had long-standing professional relationship with Morrisons a few years back and voiced a large number of scripts for them, but this in-store radio advert stands out from all the rest. The response to the ad was so positive, that I decided to submit it for the annual Voiceover Awards ceremony, the VOX awards.

Celebrating audio excellence in the UK, the VOX Voiceover awards has been honouring voiceovers and creatives since 1999. It is a prestigious honour even to be considered for a VOX Award, so you can imagine my delight when I was notified that I was one of three finalists in the ‘Best Retail Advert’ category. While I didn’t win, the nomination remains one of the highlights of my career so far.

A Walk On The Dark Side

One of the things that made this in-store advert unique, is that it called for a dark and detached sound that is not typical style of read for the average British voice over. Let’s face it, it’s not often that gunshot sound effects are part of the background audio!

Hitman Absolution Voiceover

For those who aren’t avid gamers, Hitman Absolution is a stealth video game that was released for PS3 and Xbox 360. As the name suggests, gamers play the role of revered hitman Agent 47.

Branding Your British Voiceover

Another thing that made this particular project unique, is that some of the background audio included a clip from the game itself. This is a creative way of branding in-store and radio adverts—because gamers who were eagerly awaiting the 5th installment of Hitman Absolution are easily able to identify what the ad is for—even if they weren’t originally paying much attention to the in-store audio.

While your male British voiceover may not always call for a dark style or tone, you can increase engagement by utilising any signature audio already associated with your brand. While not every business has signature audio, it is certainly a thought to consider.

Image for Hitman Voiceover Awards

InStore Adverts To Enhance The Shopping Experience

In-store adverts continue to be an effective method of advertising. Since just about every retailer has background music playing instore, adding a few adverts to the mix is an excellent way to enhance the shopping experience.

The trick is to keep the message around 30 seconds, and to highlight some of your most in-demand products and services—or to alert shoppers to your latest promotions.

As always, I’m here for any of your male voiceover needs. From professional, to funny, high energy, or even a bit dark—I can provide the British voice over you require!