Video Voiceover for Hewlett Packard

Video Voiceover

The sky is the limit when it comes to video voiceover marketing, but marketing is not always the only priority. Many brands utilize video on their website as a user-friendly way of delivering information, such as explaining the benefits of their product or service. While the same content can be delivered by text, creating an informational video elevates the content—which is where Video Voiceover comes in.

My First Informational Video For Hewlett Packard

One of the many fun aspects of my job, is that male voice over work is required around the world. While I had completed a few video voiceover projects for U.S.-based clients, my first major U.S. job was an informational video for Hewlett Packard.

This video is a perfect example of how voiceover can be used within a website, to further build upon or support a product, service—or in this case the built-in security that is offered with HP technology. Informational videos can also be shared on social media, sent via email, or placed within a blog post or news article. They can even be utilised for marketing purposes.

The Style And Tone You Require

As you can see the visual imagery in this video is clean and simple, and the script is thoughtful designed to add meaning and value. While some projects require me to provide a high-energy or creative voiceover, HP wanted this video to appeal to everyone from the on-the-go freelancer, to the mobile corporate employee. This means that I had to deliver my voiceover in a style and tone that was clean, crisp, and professional—but also easy to relate to.

This partnership worked so well, that I have since provided my video voiceover talent for multiple HP jobs!

Hewlett Packard logo for Video Voiceover

Voiceover Appeals To More Of Your Senses

This video includes modern graphics, clean lines, and engaging background music. While this video certainly could have been produced with only background music and a running script, adding voiceover combines 2 of the 3 major learning styles—visual and auditory.

Not only does depth of understanding improve when you add a voiceover to an informational video, but you have more freedom and flexibility with your video visuals—because text is not the primary focus.

Using Voiceover To Enhance Your Next Informational Video

While HP’s approach to their informational video voice over was that of the consummate professional, you can certainly take a different approach when producing your video. I can deliver a male voiceover with a bit more drama, in a method designed to tug at your heartstrings, or even with a delivery designed to evoke laughter. Your voice over can be anything you prefer.

I am based in the UK, but regardless of where you live, technology makes it easy to produce and record your voice over from anywhere in world. As an example, while recording my HP video voiceover, the U.S. production company could listen in and direct my style and tone—even though we were thousands of miles away.

If your informational video is in need of a professional male voiceover, I would be happy to oblige.