The world of TV Voiceovers

TV Voiceovers

Before I got into Voiceover work, I was always fascinated with the various TV Voiceovers on advert breaks. I would listen intently and try and take off the tone and read of the Voiceover. Also how they delivered each word and what type of emphasis they gave. If the advert was catchy and memorable, I’d be reciting it round the house and driving everyone crazy!

This is probably my best pre-voice over days memory and I’d say it even stretched back to childhood.

So, when I finally got into the world of voiceovers, I had a few goals to achieve but one very clear one; record some TV Voiceovers.

I’d been voicing for a while and then a production house contacted me and asked if I would be available for a TV Voiceover. This being my potential first ever TV Voiceover, I struggled to contain my excitement but remained professional during the call! The TV Voiceover was to be for Evans Cycles, a big UK cycle store to be broadcast nationally across several different UK digital TV channels.

We organised a time the following day for the session on ISDN. A lot of the time, as a Voiceover I’m asked to travel to studios (usually in London) to record Voiceovers of this nature. This production house was based in the north and it made sense for us to record the session remotely on ISDN as I was based in London.

After receiving a copy of the final script on the day, the producers dialled into my ISDN and we had a chat about the delivery of the Voiceover with them and a representative from Evans Cycles.

TV Blog - EC Script Pic

With direction from the client and producers, I read the script in different styles and at slightly different paces. This was a relatively fast paced read and I had to make sure that I delivered the words clearly and cleanly whilst keeping up the correct pace.

After a few takes and some more direction from the client, they were very happy with my delivery and they went off to mix my Voiceover with the visuals.

A couple of weeks later, my wife was watching television and I was in another room, and she started shouting, saying she’d heard and seen my TV advert. I came into the room and just caught the end of it. It was the first time I’d ever heard my voice on television and it was such an amazing feeling. I did in the end see the advert again on another channel, but obviously the production company gave me a copy and I was able to upload it to my website in my Portfolio section.

I kept a copy of the script, framed it and hung it in my studio to remind me every day of my first ever TV Voiceover.

I’ve since performed Voiceovers for numerous television adverts and still get the same fantastic feeling when I hear my voice.

Watch the advert here; Evans Cycles TV Voice Over