TV Voiceover for Nescafe

TV Voiceover

I was very excited to record a TV voiceover for a large and well-known company such as Nestlé and the Nescafé brand. It is always fun to see what the finished product looks like, because my vocal work is only one small part of the finished advert.

Sometimes Less Is More

While many of the voiceover projects I record are full scripts that serve as the primary feature of the radio or TV advert, sometimes, less is more. As you can see, this advert relies on engaging visual storytelling, with a complementary music bed. While there was a need for a male voiceover, it was kept to one short sentence, in which the nuance of the delivery was essential. While the product, Nescafé coffee, was featured—the primary focus was on where the day may lead.

And, by keeping the character actors script-free, this advert could feasibly be recorded in multiple languages.

Nescafé TV Voiceover

Tell Your TV Voiceover Story In 30 Seconds Or Less

The standard TV advert is 30 seconds long, during which the brand or business is tasked with delivering a clear and engaging message. The sky is the limit when it comes to the creative ways in which you can deliver your message. Whether producing an online video or TV advert, you can use any combination of:

  • Voice Actors
  • Character Actors
  • Video Automation
  • Special Effects
  • Text & Graphics
  • Music

Some companies go over the top, some try to appeal to a very specific niche, and sometimes the goal is to appeal to the masses. While the target audience must always be top of mind, when and where the advert will be placed play a vital role in which direct to take things.

Image of coffee for Nescafe TV Voiceover

Creating A Global Message with a TV Voiceover

While many of my clients are based in the UK, I am happy to work with anyone who is in need of a British male accent. The Nescafé TV advert above was recorded for broadcast in Denmark and Sweden, and my contribution was recorded remotely. I have also produced voice work for clients around the world—including Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Scandinavia, and many more countries!

If you are searching for vocal talent for your upcoming radio or TV advert, online video, or in-store advertising, I would be happy to assist! For a better idea of my range and scope, please take a look at some of my recent voice over projects.