TV Commercial Voiceover

TV Commercial Voiceover

This TV commercial voiceover is an excellent example of how my services can be used to complement a variety of advertisements. While the actors in this commercial are the primary focus, my voiceover is used to support the script and story. TV Voiceover

A Nationwide TV Commercial

I couldn’t be more pleased with the way this TV commercial turned out, especially since it was a project that I only had a short time to record. The goal was to deliver a message that was exciting and engaging, and that supported the somewhat humorous nature of preceding script. While my voice is distinct and stands out from the character actors, it provides the perfect balance of contrast needed—without sounding out of place.

Those of you who live in the UK might recall seeing this commercial on your favorite Sky channels, and Sky Sports channels.

Keeping Things Light And Fun

This recording is an excellent example of how a commercial can connect and engage, but still keep things light and fun. The humor in this example is not only written into the script, but also expressed through artful delivery. The end result is a commercial that drives home a point, but in a manner that is neither stiff or stuffy.

Narrate Your Next Commercial Or Video

The options are endless when it comes to how you can utilize my services to elevate your next commercial. My voice can be the primary audio, I can narrate your animated videos, or narrate your character actors.

Image of Roulette Wheel for TV Commercial Voiceover

Think Outside The Box

Thinking outside the box, is essential for crafting a script that stands out from the crowd. This is especially important in the day and age we currently live in. With many viewers pre-recording the shows they want to watch, commercials must instantly engage—or they will be skipped. Even if your commercial is placed online, you must find a compelling way to capture and hold a viewer’s attention.

If you have a commercial script that requires narration, or voice audio—I am here to assist. I provide you a standard UK accent, and will read your script in any manner you prefer. Contact me today to discuss your voiceover needs!