Reel World Voiceover

Radio Imaging Voiceover For ReelWorld Radio Scoop

As a voiceover artist, I am one of ReelWorld’s biggest fans. They are Europe’s go-to producer of commercial-ready radio content. They do it all! Stylised voiceovers in any accent you require and commercial radio imaging, ideal for audio promos of every sort. You can imagine how honoured I was when I was asked to provide a UK voiceover for a couple of their Radio Scoop explainer jingles.

Premium Voiceovers and Radio Content

Radio jingles are an excellent way to connect and engage with your target audience. Unlike candid videos you can post on social media, radio content must be professionally recorded and produced. It won’t be considered if it doesn’t have proper sound quality.

It begins with a script and a voice artist, who has perfected the craft of delivering clean, crisp, and stylised voiceovers, recorded on commercial recording equipment. Then, a production company, such as ReelWorld, will work their magic, with radio imaging and editing to perfection.

What Is Radio Imaging?

Radio imaging refers to the advanced sound effects that makes radio jingles appropriate for their demographic. Thoughtful sound design is essential for audio branding and engaging your listeners. This sonic branding matches the genre of the music it will be played in-between, while branding your radio station. This includes, but is not limited to, stylised voiceovers, music beds, intros, stingers, jingles, and more.

One Male Voice Over Many Ways

The Radio Scoop finished audio is an excellent example, because it highlights how a few changes to the sound design can have a major impact on the finished content. Just listen to how changing the music bed and sound effects can make the same audio sound appropriate for high energy top hits or genres of any kind.

ReelWorld Radio Scoop Voiceover

Whether your radio station is large or small, local or nationwide, audio branding is a must. Unlike seasonal radio adverts, your standard radio imaging can be used for years or simply tweaked to correspond with the season or current promos.

If you need a signature UK voice over for your radio imaging, I would love to be considered! Aside from radio content, I also provide a male voiceover for all online, offline, and marketing content.