Radio Voiceover

Radio Voiceover

One thing that makes my job as a voiceover artist so much fun is that every project is unique. Some projects call for a professional style and tone, while others require more character work. When I got the call for this radio voiceover, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I quite enjoyed the acting required for this part.

A Fun Play On Words

One of the ways to capture listener’s attention in your next script is to do a fun play on words—in this case “love at first SEAT.” There were many ways this script could have been read, but I really enjoyed how it was initially misleading, sounding as if I was speaking of a romance, but then took a twist. The result is a script with a sense of humor, and a catchphrase perfect for the SEAT Léon.

Seat Leon Radio Voiceover

Make An Impression In Just 30 Seconds

Think back to the last time you were listening to the radio. You were sure to hear a few radio ads somewhere in the mix, but can you recall any of them? To be fair, sometimes, you are just in need of a nice bit of background noise, but a successful advert will draw your attention.

While 30 seconds might not sound like much, it is more than enough time to draw listeners in. There are many ways to do this, but in this case, my vocal is the primary focus of the script. Unlike most of the work I do, no music bed was added—meaning I had to create interest with my voice alone. The goal was a clean a crisp male voiceover, which was distinct enough to make an impression in just 30 seconds. To add contrast, my vocal in the beginning part of the script varies greatly from the last few sentences.

Image of Seat Leon Car for Radio Voiceover

Elevate Your Next Voiceover Project

If you have an upcoming online, radio, or TV script that requires a male voiceover artist—it would be my pleasure to be considered. My portfolio is extensive and includes a global clientele, including scripts for brands and products such as Snickers, HP, H&M, Morrisons, Aldi, and many more.

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