Radio Voiceovers

Radio Voiceovers

I’ve been recording Radio Voiceovers for a number of years now. These can be anything from a script for a community radio station, to a script for a big brand for national radio networks.

Most of the commercial radio adverts I’m asked to record, require me to hook up with the relevant producer on ISDN (a high quality phone line), so they can record my Voiceover down the line at their end, giving them complete control as to what is captured or recorded. My role is to talk into my Mic and provide the best Voiceover I can for them!

I have a monitor in my Voiceover booth that I read my scripts from and I also have a print out for any client changes during the Voiceover session. Normally, most sessions will have one or two producers who will have been given written direction from the client or sales person on how they want the Voiceover to deliver the script. It’s then my job to follow these instructions and bring the script to life!

If I was asked to attend a studio to record the Voiceover, then it would be most likely that the client would attend the session as well and give direction on the script, directly to me.

Most of the time, I will be in my home studio providing my Voiceovers on ISDN, but it’s always nice to get out every now and again and record at a studio. The studio Voiceovers are normally for the big brand clients, but those big brand clients may be happy from time to time for me to do this over ISDN.

Going to studios adds a whole new excitement level to being a Voiceover. Being in a top London Voiceover studio is a great feeling and it’s always nice to meet the client face to face and give them the best possible service.

I’ve recorded hundreds of Voiceovers for Radio stations all over the world in the last few years and have been asked to be everything from a Medieval Farmer, to Batman!

Every job really is different from the next and when you get the email through with the script attached, before you open it, it’s very exciting initially not knowing where you’re going to be taking your voice!

One Voiceover I did for Radio last year was a script for the car manufacturer SEAT. I had to ‘fall in love’ with the car and sound as if I was besotted with a woman I’d just met! These are more acting roles and are different to what would be known as a Promo or Promotional Voiceover. Promoting a product well is not an easy thing to do when it comes to Voiceovers, but acting in a role is a whole other skill which I’m learning more about as every day goes by.

Voicing for Radio is a real joy and each day, you never really know where it’s going to take you next, and that’s all part of the fun of being a Voiceover!

Click the link to hear the SEAT advert where I ‘fall in love’ with the car; SEAT Radio Advert