Radio Advert Voiceover for Matalan

Radio Advert Voiceover

Sometimes, I am asked to record an instore radio advert voiceover that will be played throughout a season, or that introduce and highlight different aspects of an upcoming promotion or marketing campaign. In this case, I was asked to record instore radio adverts for Matalan, designed to alert shoppers to the current promotions that might not otherwise be on their radar. This was sent out to all Matalan stores in the UK, playing across the estate.

Spark Interest In Something New

In-store radio advertisements are an excellent way to spark a shopper’s interest in something new, or something more. When shopping for clothing, most people have a general idea of what they are searching for. However, there are wardrobe and fashion staples that everyone requires, and this UK voiceover alerts spring shoppers to just that. It is also an effective method of reminding gents, who don’t love to shop, of a few more items they might want to consider.

Matalan In-store Voiceover

Low-Pressure Upselling your Radio Advert Voiceover

Did you know that upselling accounts for an average of 5% of your sales? However, many believe this rate may be on the low side of the scale. Upselling occurs anytime you successfully increase the number of items purchased, or the overall price point of the sale. Upselling often occurs at the till, or while engaging with the customer pre-purchase. However, in-store advertising is another effective method of upselling. This includes all methods of advertising such as radio adverts, signage, displays, and other innovative points of sale. As an added bonus, this method of upselling is low-pressure for both you and your clients.

Make Shopping More Fun

One thing I really enjoyed about this radio advert voiceover project is that it is lively and upbeat. While the script is without a doubt sales focused, it is delivered in a manner designed to excite you about shopping. As you can see, this audio clip is geared towards men, but you can easily mix up the cycle, so your adverts play at targeted times throughout the week or certain times of day.

Image of Matalan store for Radio Advert Voiceover

Are You Searching For A UK Voiceover Artist?

In-store radio is a versatile means of advertising, as thoughtful and strategic scripts can be repurposed However, I am here to provide one-time-only scripts—as well as any of your other voiceover needs.

As a professional voiceover artist, I record scripts for UK clients, global clients and companies who require a male British accent. Just let me know what you need!