OnHold Voiceover for AUDI UK

OnHold Voiceover

When I am hired for a voiceover, I always hope my client will consider me for future projects. Sometimes this is sporadic, but sometimes, I land a full campaign or ongoing contract. Currently I am the UK National OnHold voiceover for Audi UK, encompassing all of their car dealerships across the country. I couldn’t be more honoured or pleased!

A Theme Requires A Signature Sound

Sometimes, nationwide and global companies prefer to run ads with a consistent theme, a theme that requires a signature sound and a consistent OnHold voiceover. This concept works for TV, radio, online, and instore advertising, but is at times even more important when speaking of audio-only clips.

AUDI On-Hold Voiceover

What Does It Mean To Be the OnHold Voiceover For Audi UK?

As Audio UK’s onhold vocal talent, I provide myself for any of their upcoming campaigns—both the nationwide brand and individual dealerships that might be in need of dealer-specific onhold adverts. There are many benefits, both for myself and for Audi, to keeping a voice on hold:

  • Campaign consistency
  • Signature sound
  • Brand recognition
  • Ongoing partnership
  • And more!

Should All Of Your Voice Overs Have The Same Voice?

Even if your company is not global or nationwide, you may still work with the same voice over artist for all of your campaigns. In Audi’s case, the desired sound is clean, crisp, and professional. However, your needs may be drastically different. Even if the sound you are searching for is more upbeat, dramatic, or silly —having a consistent sound can go a long way toward cultivating brand recognition. This approach works well for both seasonal campaigns and ongoing audio.

Image of AUDI Showroom for OnHold Voiceover

Radio And OnHold Adverts Must Be About More Than Just Delivering A Message

Just as with communication in everyday life, it’s not only about what you say—but how you say it. Although vital, this concept goes beyond the script—and to the delivery and execution. Just think about it. Depending on how it is delivered, the same sentence could be sincere, cynical, or sarcastic.

Whatever message you need to deliver, I am here to help. My goal is always to do more than achieve communication, to accurately represent your business or brand, and deliver a message designed to convert!

Remember: Although I’m based in the UK, I can provide my male voiceover remotely to clients worldwide!