National UK TV Voiceover

National UK TV Voiceover

There are some voiceover projects that stand out more than others do, and this was certainly one of them. I recorded this National UK TV Voiceover back in 2012. While I already had several projects for major UK and global clients under my belt, I had yet to record voiceover for a National TV commercial.

They Called Me

What made this job even more exciting is that the production company called me. While I am happy to audition and apply for projects, many of my jobs come from referrals in the voiceover and entertainment community.

I receive calls and emails all the time about my work, but when the production company working on Evans Cycles national campaign called me—I was ecstatic. The production team was stellar, and they provided me with excellent direction. The finished product is below, and the TV commercial aired across the UK on Channels 4, 5 and several SKY channels.

Evans Cycles TV Voiceover

Voice Over To Enhance Your TV Commercial

As you can see in the video above, the primary focal point is Evan Cycle’s superior bicycles. There is some humor in the video, but not in the male voiceover. There is some text, but it supports the script. There are recorded sound effects, but they are mainly in the background. The script becomes the piece of the puzzle that completes the picture.

I Don’t Necessarily Have To See The TV Advert Before I Record

Whether recording a TV advert, or an online commercial—the video is not always fully complete before the voice over is recorded. Or sometimes the commercial is still in for editing, or the final version is not yet confirmed. By recording the voiceover, you can begin to narrow down your options.

Image for National UK TV Voiceover

I Can Record From Afar

While I am based just outside of London, I am available for voice over projects way outside of my local area. I work with clients throughout the UK, and around the world. With the advances in technology, it is easier than ever to produce your recording remotely. You can even record my audio output at your end and provide feedback and direction in real-time, giving you complete control.

Whether you are recording TV commercials, training modules, or online videos—I would be honoured to provide my English accent as your male voiceover. From professional to enthusiastic, I will deliver the voiceover you desire!