InStore Voiceover Advertising

Voiceover Advertising

While just about every retailer out there plays background music to enhance the in-store ambiance, some take things to the next level by offering personalised voiceover advertising. Sometimes these personalised in-store advertisements are designed to be fun-filled, and other times they are designed to let customers know about their latest products and services.

As a regular customer of Morrisons, and an avid Coldplay fan—I was more than excited when I landed the job of doing the short advert announcing the arrival of Coldplay’s Mylo Xyloto Album.

Short Yet Effective

While some of the voiceover projects I complete are full-length commercials, others are fairly short snippets of information. While a 30 second interval can easily pass without notice, a well-written advertisement is an excellent transition between songs on the radio—or songs that play while your customers are shopping.

When placed in-between songs an in-store advertisement standouts more, because the shift from melodies and lyrics to a direct message is pronounced.

Coldplay Mylo Xyloto Advert Voiceover

Mixed Mediums

This voiceover is an excellent example of how mixed mediums can be used to deliver a memorable message. It combines a couple of short teasers of Coldplay’s chart-topping songs, with just a handful of sentences letting listeners know that their new album is in-store—and also that it is available at an affordable price point.

While music is almost always added to my voiceover work, it is often used as the background of the audio. However, with this in-store advertisement Coldplay’s songs are used to break up the ad into distinct sections.

Creating A Signature Sound

Another reason retailers utilise in-store voiceovers, is to create a signature sound that can be used in all of their in-store, online, and audio advertising. This includes in-store ads, radio ads, YouTube ads, and any other video or audio snippets designed to engage with customers. While a signature sound is not the right fit for every project, it is an option to consider when branding your business—or defining your next marketing campaign.

Image of Morrisons Superstore for their Voiceover Advertising

Create A Timeless Voiceover

While Morrisons is a major UK brand who is likely to have a substantial advertising budget, my male voiceover services can also be used to create a timeless or evergreen voiceover that you can use for years to come. A short voiceover could be used to:

  • Share a brief company history.
  • Deliver your company jingle.
  • Narrate your company’s mission statement.
  • Highlight your signature products or services.

If you have been searching for a way of incorporating an audio clip, or video with male voiceover into your upcoming advertising initiatives—I would be happy to help!