Marks and Spencer Voiceover

Marks and Spencer Voiceover

Not all in-store advertisements are for everyday sales and promotions, but instead to announce or remind shoppers of major shopping events. One of the major events that M&S shoppers always look forward to, is the “M&S 7-Day Home Event.” I was very pleased when I was asked to do the Marks and Spencer Voiceover for this advert, and equally pleased with the outcome.

Sometimes Natural Is Better

Much of the male voice over work I provide requires me to speak in many different styles. However, sometimes a natural voice is more effective, or simply the best fit for the advert.

M&S Home Event Voiceover

As you can hear, the reading is very conversational, yet professional. My words are crisp and clear, but not stuffy. The advert can play in-store without taking away from the store’s ambiance—but it still serves the purpose of highlighting the upcoming event.

An Advert That Is Universal

One of the things that made this advert unique, is that it was a universal ad that was used in all M&S stores across the UK. It announced the basics of the upcoming promotion and event, but as with many adverts, informs customers that the sale may vary from store-to-store.

Opting for a universal advert is an excellent way to recycle a short ad, and use it again for recurring annual or seasonal events. This sometimes attracts usage fees depending on the deal the voiceover has struck. Universal adverts are a popular choice for major brands, and a lot of the time there may also be several versions to voice.

Maybe the sale is for up to 30% off this time, but might be a buy-one-get-one half off the next time around.

Maybe you host a seasonal sale every 3 or 4 months, and want the same ad—but with a different title or theme.

Image of Marks and Spencer Voiceover

Order The Voiceover That Is Right For You

The choice really is up to you, and it is my job to provide you with the voiceover that will accurately reflect your brand, your message, and the energy you want to convey. This might mean that some of your adverts are read in a natural voice, while others are read with a bit more exuberance. Whatever voiceover style you require—I am here to deliver!