Dual Purpose Male Voiceover for H&M

Male Voiceover

Depending on your marketing goals, your male voiceover may need to serve more than one purpose. In this case, H&M wanted a winter sale advert that could be played in-store and on the radio. While the message was only seasonal, the script was written in a manner that made it relevant regardless of where it was played.

Keep Your Voice Over Script General

Sometimes in-store advertisements are written in a manner that is store-specific—or designed for in-store shoppers. While this approach is fairly standard, it can sometimes be limiting. As you can hear in this script, the sale is the primary focus—instead of the specific store location. This means that the advert can be played in multiple H&M stores, and even in online and radio advertisements.

H&M In-store Radio Voiceover

This Advert Also Played On National Heart Radio

Heart Radio broadcasts across the UK. The target audience is in line with H&M shoppers, making it a perfect place to advertise for Christmas—or even all year round. Since each H&M store may offer a slightly different winter sale, the script accounts for the varying terms. Regardless of where the radio advertisement is played, it does an excellent job of delivering the message.

The Script Can Be Really Basic

As you hear, this script is fairly basic. What really makes it come to life, is the energetic music and the powerful male voiceover. In just a few sentences, you can deliver a memorable message—and generate excitement regarding your upcoming sale or event.

Image for H&M Male Voiceover

Voiceover Advertisements Can Be Played Online Too

In-store and radio advertisements are two of the most popular places to play audio-only advertisements, but they are no longer your only two options. With the growing number of online entertainment sources, audio-only advertisements are now being played on blogs, online magazines and newspaper, social media, and even within mobile apps. You can of course record a complete online video with background music and visuals, but in some cases you may only be in need of the audio.

UK-Based—But Can Record For Clients Near And Far

If your upcoming project requires a male voice over with a British accent, but you don’t live in the UK—not to worry. I can work with you to produce and record your voiceover from afar. Whether you live a few hours away, or on an entirely different continent—we can work together to create your in-store advertisement.