Instore Voiceovers

Instore Voiceovers

In my voiceover career so far, I’ve voiced quite a few adverts and messages that have been broadcast in high-street stores across the UK. These are known as Instore Voiceovers.
These adverts are generally pretty much the same as radio adverts but would probably just need to have the voiceover produced with a music bed, rather than having lots of sound effects and effects on the voiceover itself. This is so the message can ‘cut through’ clearly to the listener as they shop and help sell the products effectively to the customers in the store.
There is generally a lot of background noise when you’re in a high street store or shopping centre, so it’s important for the voiceover to be clear and not drowned out by music or sound effects. This all has to be taken into consideration when making and voicing an instore radio advert.

Image of Supermarket trolley in aisle for Instore Voiceovers
One of the biggest high street companies I’ve voiced in-store adverts for, is Marks & Spencer. I have been providing instore voiceovers for them for a couple of years now. The messages that I’ve voiced range from information about certain products like luggage and suits, to adverts selling food from the M&S food hall.
Other well-known high street clients I’ve voiced for include; H&M, Morrisons, Matalan, SPAR, Thomson, 99p stores and many more.
In-store scripts tend not to have any time constraints, so the production houses give you a little more time on each script, as opposed to a standard radio script which would normally be on average, 30 seconds long.
The in-store scripts I get vary in the way that the production house likes to record. Sometimes I’ll be given a few scripts with direction over email, and other times I’ll be asked to do an ISDN or VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) session. This is so the producer can listen in to the voiceover session and direct me according to the information given to them by the client. A lot of the time, the client seems to be happy to give their direction over the phone or on email to the production house, and then they relay that to me (the voiceover) in the session.
Helping sell any product for a brand is exciting but selling products direct to customers as they shop in-store is great way to target the consumer direct, and a fantastic way to get your voice out there!
Here are examples of just a handful of the of in-store adverts I’ve voiced over the years. You can hear them by clicking below!


Marks & Spencer

Morrisons – Hitman Absolution




As you’ll hear from these adverts, they vary quite differently but as mentioned previously in this blog, they all tend to have the voiceover at a decent level with the sound effects (if there are any) and music, at a lower level underneath the voice, so the voiceover can cut through in-store and not be drowned out. You could get away with louder music under a voiceover on a standard radio advert.
I love the fact that my voice is heard in stores across the country. It’s a real buzz of satisfaction that you’ve helped a company sell its brand or product and become more successful, and had fun in the process of doing it!