Instore Voiceover for VISA

Instore Voiceover

As technology continues to advance within voiceover, we rely on media to communicate the new ways we can capitalize on these advances. While some technological advances require visual demonstration, others are easy to comprehend with a simple explanation or as part of your layered multi-channel marketing campaign. This was a great demonstration of new technology with this Instore Voiceover.

VISA Contactless Card Instore Voiceover

Many nationwide and global brands hire media companies to create a targeted, yet personalised, approach to marketing their products and services. So, sometimes, I am hired directly by the company I will be reading for and sometimes, I am hired by their media company.

VISA’s media company presented my vocal portfolio to VISA, and I was honoured when I was selected as the British male voiceover artist to record this in-store radio clip. This short advert went out nationwide in retailers across the UK.

VISA Radio Voiceover

Multi-Channel Marketing

As a tenured voiceover professional, the marketing media I record is often part of a larger multi-channel marketing plan, which connects with each client’s target audience in meaningful ways. VISA used a combination of these in-store reminders, with online video, online articles, instructional graphics, website content, radio adverts, and TV commercials. While each piece of media and content was placed on a different online or offline site, they each delivered a cohesive message and followed the customer journey.

Those who heard the in-store advert could either enquire more at the retailer where they were shopping or Google it to find more information, such as where to get a VISA Contactless Card or a video demonstrating precisely how it works. This layered approach to marketing works for businesses of all sizes and tenure.

Image of VISA card for Instore Voiceover

The Holidays Are the Perfect Time for Radio Adverts

If the holiday season is your busiest time of year, then you may have more room in your marketing budget. This makes the holiday season the perfect time to invest in multi-channel marketing, including a few radio or in-store adverts, or online or offline TV commercials. Get creative with the script and you might even repeat the same advert next year!

Whatever your needs may be, I am always available as your year-round British male voiceover artist. I have my own recording studio, making it easy to work with your remote production team. Let me know what you need, and I am happy to deliver!