Full-Time Professional Voiceover Artist

Professional Voiceover

One of the most common topics of conversation when meeting someone new, is to inquire about their line of work. Being a full-time professional voiceover for the past 6 years, I have come to expect that the response to my line of work is often that of surprise. Not only have most people never considered who the voice behind the scenes is, but many are shocked to find that working as a male voice over is an in-demand field.

Over the years I have had the privilege of being the unseen voice behind radio advertisements, commercials, training videos, corporate videos, radio imaging and much more. Just take a look at some of the projects I’ve completed. It’s quite fun!

The Art Of The Voice Over

Not only is professional voiceover work plentiful, but it is a highly competitive field. Just as with actors or any other performers, I had to develop my craft—and have to keep up with industry trends. My work requires far more than just reading a script, but is a true skill to be mastered.

Where my line of work varies the most from other performance artists, is that I am invisible. While my work is often accompanied by music, visuals, or the actors in the project I am narrating—I am the voice that pulls everything together. My goal is always to complete projects in the tone, style, timing, and energy level that each client prefers.

Image of Professional Voiceover Michrophone

Voiceover And The Internet

Thanks to the accessibility offered by the Internet, I have been able to expand my reach well beyond London and the UK. Everyone from small and mid-sized businesses, to major corporations require professional voiceover for promotional videos and audio tutorials. I am able to work with clients in other countries who are searching for an authentic British accent, or who do not speak English as their first language—but require a clear and concise English voiceover. I don’t even have to leave London to work with clients from around the world, as technology makes it easy to produce and deliver most of my work remotely.

I Love What I Do

One of my favorite parts about working as a male voice over, is that I love what I do. Each project presents a new challenge, but the kind of challenge that makes you eager to get it right. I go the extra mile to ensure that each project is precisely what my clients want. Whether this be the consummate professional, the high energy of youth, or over-the-top exaggeration. Whatever your voice over needs may be, I can deliver.

On top of all that, working as a freelancer allows me far more freedom and flexibility in my schedule than most jobs are able to afford.

If you find yourself in need of a professional voice over artist to elevate the quality of your next project, just get in touch and let me know how I can assist.