Football Voiceover

Football Voiceover

There are endless ways you can utilize voiceover to deliver your message. When considering how to work a video or audio ad into your marketing strategy, take inventory of current events, cultural trends, and even seasonal holidays and activities. When speaking of current events, we must not forget upcoming sporting events—such as our beloved European football tournaments and I was to deliver a Football Voiceover for this.

Getting Customers Excited About The Upcoming Football Tournament

I am fortunate to have an ongoing professional relationship with Morrisons. In the instore advert below, I delivered an upbeat male football voiceover—highlighting the sale on Carlsberg beer. The timing of the sale was designed to coincide with the European football tournament, for which many UK residents were hosting parties with friends and family.

Carlsberg Football Voiceover

As you can hear, the background audio was designed to get listeners excited about the upcoming tournament—and the script incorporated a few relevant football terms. It’s a sales pitch, that is relevant, upbeat, and fun.

Keep The Message Simple

One of the best ways to connect and engage with your audience, is to keep the message short, sweet, and simple. A standard in-store advert such as the one above, only has time for between 5 and 15 blurbs or sentences. This means that the script needs to get straight to the point, and still be delivered with personality and flare. It needs to be read at a speed that is easy to comprehend, but still maximizes time. However, this in-store advert is an excellent example of sneaking in the required disclaimers at the end—read at a speed that is a bit faster than the preceding sentences.

Image of Carlsberg Football Voiceover

Upbeat, Funny, Or Everything In-Between

As you can hear, this message was specifically meant to be upbeat, but an upbeat football voiceover is far from your only option. If you listen to a few of my other recent voiceovers, you can hear that the style, tone, and influx of my voice vary per the client’s request. I will read your script in the style you prefer, and can even test a few different styles to see what works best.

Whether you are a large national chain, or a small local business, my male voiceover services can help you to create original in-store adverts that are relevant and timely. Don’t forget that I can record voiceovers remotely while working with clients from around the world!