Explainer Voiceover Video

Explainer Voiceover Video

One of the fun things about my job is the interesting mix of projects that come my way. While much of the voiceover work I record is for short TV or radio adverts, sometimes I am hired to record longer clips, such as an explainer voiceover video. There are multiple internal and external applications for explainer voiceover videos, in this case, to promote Betfair’s new sports gambling mobile app.

Betfair’s YouTube Explainer Voiceover Videos

Betfair is a well-respected sports gambling website, whose users were eagerly awaiting a mobile app. Although the app is intuitive, it has many advanced functions, which were easiest to highlight in a series of explainer voiceover videos. All the videos were short and to the point, averaging around a minute and a half each.

Betfair Website Voiceover

You can head to YouTube or under the “Help” section on the Betfair website to listen to the full video series.

Do You Need An Explainer Voiceover Video?

You don’t have to have a mobile app to benefit from an explainer video, instructional video or product demo. Even if your product is fairly simple, videos can highlight general use and out-of-the-box benefits. Videos allow for visual, auditory and sometimes kinesthetic learning, which rapidly increases learning and retention rates. The statistics are astounding:

  • 42% of marketers find that instructional videos boost product/service sales, some exceedingly so.
  • 50% of companies blend videos, games and e-learning as part of their in-house training.
  • 98% of companies use videos for either internal or external learning or marketing.
  • According to Forrester Research a well-designed one minute video is more effective than 1.8 million of written words.

Your instructional video can have an accompanying music bed or, like in the Betfair video, focus primarily on the product visuals and voiceover. You can even have fun with your video and learn in a manner that is more entertaining.

Image of horse racing for Explainer Voiceover Video

Voiceover Professional In The UK And Beyond

I am in the UK, but as a voiceover professional, I can work with your production team to record your explainer video or advert from any remote location. Choose from short 30 second commercials and adverts to 1 to 5-minute-long instructional videos, or even a consistent voiceover for audio series, e-learning, training, and more!

If you are in need of an English male voiceover artist, please get in touch today to discuss your upcoming project.