Corporate Voiceovers

Corporate Voiceovers

Over the years I have performed a number of corporate voiceovers for many different clients all over the world. These have ranged from the likes of an instructor video for a revolutionary barbeque company, to voiceovers for a cloud based communication system from Hewlett Packard.

The corporate voiceover will generally tend to sound a little different to your average commercial read, as a lot of the time the voiceover delivery needs to be more instructional and informational as opposed to trying to sell you something up front.

One of my first big corporate voiceovers was for the aforementioned Hewlett Packard. I got this job through a voiceover auditioning website that I use on a regular basis. They posted the job on the site and I auditioned for the role by reading a sample of their proposed script.

I was contacted a couple of days later by someone from the production company in Los Angeles and was told that they liked my voice and offered me the job! We arranged a time to have a Skype call that suited everyone involved. In total there were seven people on the call including me. Hewlett Packard had two representatives from the US and two from Europe, and there were also two producers on the call from the west coast of America.

As the session got going I realised that although the client wanted the voiceover to be informational (so traditionally corporate), but they still wanted a slight commercial edge to the read. After running through the script a few times, the client decided that they were happy with the style we’d cultivated and we did a couple more reads until they were ultimately happy with the final recording. It’s fairly unusual to have this many people on a monitored voice session like this, but this was a very large global client and the video we were recording was to be placed on the Hewlett Packard website worldwide, so they had to have several levels of people listening to make sure they were happy with my voiceover.

Click HERE to see the final video.

Other corporate voiceovers that I’ve done over the years have had the direction given to me over email or on a phone call. Mostly they’ll be done over an ISDN line in my studio and there will be one or two clients and the producer running the session.

Another client of note that I’ve voiced corporate work for is Betfair. A production company contacted me through my site and asked if I would voice an instructional video for the Betfair YouTube channel. The scripts for these were written in a way that could make relatively complex betting strategies on their website become a lot clearer for the average user. I had a good amount of voiceover direction over email for this job and fairly quickly understood the style and tone required.

The client was very pleased with my voiceover and subsequently has periodically booked me for further instructional videos over the last two years. Click HERE to see one of the finished Betfair videos on my site.

I really do enjoy corporate voiceovers as I find the instructional or informative read comes very naturally to me and that’s why I feel this type of work is one of my strengths.

This will lead me onto another blog coming soon about eLearning voiceover work, as this is almost always instructional and informative and desires another typical type of read and delivery.