Azera Voiceover

Azera Voiceover

This Nescafe Azera voiceover was my second time working with this company. The first time around, I provided a TV advert that was used throughout Scandinavia, and the ad below was for Nisa convenience stores across the UK. Even if your product is not global, or is available in only a few markets, these short ads are an excellent way to deliver your message.

Nescafé In-store Voiceover

Why Not Capitalize On Your Customers’ Time In-Store?

Almost every retail outlet, grocery store, or department store plays background music. Music can set ambiance and tone, but is excellent for internal and external customers alike. For your employees, it is more appealing to have background music while they are working—and studies show there are multiple benefits to playing music in retail locations, many of which are directly linked to sales.

In-Store Music And Audio Advertising

If you play music in your retail location, but have yet to invest in in-store adverts, the statistics might help to tip the scale. Did you know that:

  • 79% of consumers shop longer and spend more in stores that play music
  • 67% of shopper’s recall music being played while shopping
  • 72% of shopper’s recall hearing promotional adverts while shopping
  • 37% of shoppers who recall hearing promotional adverts will give the advertised brand a try after listening to the in-store voiceover

What Kind Of Voiceover Should You Record?

There are many ways to approach your in-store voiceover, all with the goal of increasing sales on a particular item. Some of the most popular include:

  • Announcing a sale
  • Announcing a special event
  • Promoting a new product
  • Promoting a seasonal product

Image for Nescafe Azera Voiceover

Why Radio Adverts And In-Store Ads Are More Effective Than TV Adverts

With the ability to pre-record shows, stream TV and movies, and fast forward through TV adverts, pre-recorded audio adverts are seeing more success now than ever! As an added bonus, you control which ads you play when, meaning it is easy for you to measure your increased conversions and ROI. And if that’s not enough, these 30-second adverts are substantially less expensive than TV advertising.

With such strong overall statistics and a growing need for effective offline marketing, a voiceover may be the way to go.

If you are in need of a male British voiceover, contact me today to discuss your upcoming project.