About A little about Oliver and his Voiceover career

Oliver began his career as a voiceover whilst working as a producer for a local radio station near London, back in 2005. He had a colleague that he worked with on a daily basis that was very successful with voiceover work.

After taking such an interest with how they progressed, early on in his radio career, he decided he wanted to have a go at reading some voiceover scripts himself. Oliver spent his lunch hours and time after work, practicing with used commercial scripts. After a few months he was offered a regular advert sponsorship spot on his local station.

Oliver also worked closely with voiceover artists in his production role. He had a lot of interaction with different styles and types of voiceover artists. By listening to and editing voiceover artists every day, he was able to draw upon the voiceovers experience, by listening to how they delivered their reads. This was fundamental in him understanding how to deliver a voiceover properly.

Oliver understood that there was always the temptation for someone just getting into the industry to read a script with an under-enthusiastic, or at the other end of the scale, an over the top delivery. This was something that he was very aware of from the beginning. Finding the middle-ground when recording a voiceover can be very difficult, but he found that middle-ground came to him very naturally. Of course, there is the odd time that he’s asked to deliver an ‘over the top’ read for certain clients, which is always great fun for him!

So far in his voiceover career, Oliver has worked with many clients across the world, on TV and Radio commercials, corporate videos, e-learning projects and on-hold telephone prompts.

Oliver has a great ear for voiceovers, production and music, that’s seen him perform on both sides of the microphone and truly believes that this has helped get him where he is today in his voiceover career.

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